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>> greg: hello. i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, puppies watch videos of her sneezing, dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. i'm hungry. ♪ ♪ >> greg: it was the president's economic advisor gene sperling saying he regretted saying that obama moved the goalpost in sequest tration. it hate volleyball metaphors. here is woodward yakking. >> share with viewer what is is going on between you and the white house. >> it makes me uncomfortable to have the white house telling reporters you are going to regret doing something you believe in. >> greg: was sperling giving a threat or friendly advice? be? regret comment translates to you look stupid if you write that, which is how the white house man caned the media on benghazi. remember benghazi?
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the film "argo" won best picture being about heroic rescue of americans. obama won re-election with the opposite. michelle gave out that oscar, the joke was on us. another joke, what do washington politics and diaper have in common? at the end of the day, both are full of crap. we have obama staffer insuspecting woodward on twitter. is this a government or sorority sleepover? is fluff fluf plouffe braiding s hair? what is a few trillion when kim kardashian is pregnant? the fact, is obama is thrilled for he inherited a populus smothered in disposal pop culture it can't smell the decline around the corner, which is why obama can demonize successful being greedy and he is rifling through your pockets. how is that not greedy? demanding sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice make you noble? schools we learn about burqas, not budgets, peak thy not
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economics. which is why we should teach our kids chinese so they will understand the new employers, which reminds me of another joke. knock, knock. who's there? exactly. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: you almost lost he after the braiding thing. >> greg: i want to go to you first, bob. e-mail from gene sperling to bob woodward. overplayed by woodward? under played by the white house? >> bob: well, begin with the notion that bob woodward overplays everything. >> greg: to do you think he was wrong about water gate? >> bob: no. he was right about that and give him credit for that the subsequent books he has written are challenged by people in a position to know to challenge it. he goes through a bluster and stuff about i'm bob woodward. how could you challenge me? i read exchain of e-mails.
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there was nowhere near a threat to bob woodward. if he thinks it's a threat go to kindergarten and learn what bullying is about. >> greg: i have to agree. it was not a threat but a weird friendly advice, dana. if you do this, you are going to look stupid. when "usa today" says it happens to other reporters and they say if it happens all the time how come reporters never bring it up? >> dana: it's drip, drip, drip. for a while, that is not bugging me. then you're like that is driving me crazy. constant over a period of four years. they are kidding themselveses if they think they don't have a problem when it comes to media perception. they don't give a rat's you know what. >> greg: a rat's what? >> dana: who? when? little inside joke. >> greg: way inside. it's amazing how dismissive the media is about this. it's not a threat. it's weird if this were a
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public administration wouldn't it be different? >> eric: i'll say it three times in the show. democracy doesn't work until the media does its job. the reason why that is important -- that's one. >> dana: i'm writing it down. >> eric: only one career, only one job description in the constitution. it's freedom of the press. why? so we don't have tyrant governments taking over. the media needs to do its job. when white house leans on a reporter, especially one like bob woodward who has been around 50 years, stop it or you will get in trouble by threatening a reporter like that. what signals are they sending to reporters who aren't bob woodward, young reporters? >> bob: why do you make woodward a big deal. >> eric: if you are a young reporter and the white house is leaning on woodward, if you a young guy or girl trying to
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make it in washington, i don't want to blow the chances. >> dana: in 2005 or 2006, woodward had a third book about the iraq war in the bush administration. we did not do interviews with him and we tried to discredit him. and the left said you can't criticize bob woodward. you know what? he wrote the fourth book and we participated. >> greg: he's a shill now. now >> dana: it's not what gene sperling wrote but what the left did on the marching orders that came from the top who said make this guy go away. >> greg: captain goatee said he is right wing shrill. >> kimberly: you are getting this through strategist and democratic strategies. saying this is the nixonian administration we have seen in years. this is the tactic they use. how they play ball. not afraid to shoot shots across bow. if you don't step in line you
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get the freeze, you get cut out. it is different from the bush administration. the media protects him. >> greg: "l.a. times" reporter says bob woodward is senile. not nice. >> eric: and david plouffe said that woodward is past his prime. >> bob: he is injecting himself in a policy debate and assuminassuming this is what had and obama did this and didn't do that. obama is not protecting the country. bob woodward is not involved in policy. >> dana: that is obsurd. bob woodward is a reporter. he did reporting. what he reported on and subsequently confirmed by the white house. the question he was asking, threat set aside, does it matter who came up with the idea for sequester?
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he decided it was, it was integral to the story. >> bob: he said can you imagine ronald reagan say he couldn't move an aircraft carrier? who is woodward to say that. >> greg: he can. >> kimberly: he has context and history. the fact he is making a big deal suggests there is something more to it. you are fooling yourself. this is a warning. get him now or interviews or another book down the road, they will find a way and it will be insidious. that is how they do things. >> eric: do you think -- >> bob: do you think the comment that they were going to -- if they can't, the wime "washington times" did not drop the column, they would not give a press pack -- >> dana: gaherty did not say
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it. lanny davis himself said it. solomon. solomon said it about the column. jim garety had nothing to do with it. he wrote david jackson white house reporter from the "usa today" said we get this stuff all the time. his point is if that's true why don't we hear more about that. >> bob: do you believe they threaten the credentials? >> dana: sure. look what happened to local reporters in silicon valley when they wanted to cover the obama campaign event. they got shut out of it. cheryl atknson of cbs news, let alone what they do to fox. it's a tactics and it works for them but i don't think it represents the president well. plus, it's sowing a field of distrust that is going to hurt president obama. being able to get anything done. >> bob: the other arguments, i'm listening to, they are probably telling the truth.
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you can't believe that. >> eric: there are so many instances of it. hastings threatened by rahm emanuel. the david plouffe tweet. the reporter asking president bam a question using the sock puppet. the media is lapdog. they are so happy to be in the room. when they are ushered out of the room the other day, okay, we'll leave. do your thing. >> kimberly: they know bad things will happen if they don't step in line. >> bob: huge story, republican or not, democrat or not, if they threat on the drop a column or would haven't a white house press pass, that is absolutely -- >> greg: you are saying that davis is lying? >> bob: no. >> kimberly: this is coming from democrats, bob. >> bob: this is coming from his editor at theway. , right wing newspaper.
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>> dana: he was a reporter for the "washington post" and a.p. was he a right winger in those times? >> --then he went to work -- >> bob: i have no idea what he was at the a.p. hi asserts that the white house said you have to drop a column, huge allegation. huge. >> dana: what tells you it's not true? because it's a huge allegation, why do you think it's not true? >> kimberly: this is people who are ordinarily from president obama and the press that loves to lavish praise. there is evidence of it, as well. >> dana: today they wrote an antagonistic relationship, which is normal between a press and reporter but got to the point he felt it was getting over the line and he said no more of the off the record chitchat. if you call me again, it's on the record. that is the most important column today.
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>> greg: if you deny this thing, you a flat earther. denying science. >> dana: senile. >> greg: coming up, sequestration deadline is tomorrow. it won't be as bad as we have been told. i love this stuff! ♪ ♪ [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: we have been hearing all week about warnings regarding the looming disaster once we hit the sequest tration deadline. for example, yesterday the white house education secretary arnie duncan said that the first pink slips were already going out for teachers. but it turns out it's not true. jay carney having the worst week in washington pressed about it today. >> the department of education. superintendent of schools in the district that you mentioned. for specifics about. they'm certainly not familiar with it. >> i am familiar with the example. refer you to the
2:18 pm
superintendent of the school district for more information about it. let me rewind the tape where i say i would refer you to department of education, in washington, d.c., not a local school district for more information. obviously the school district is a good place to go for information about the school district. >> you said it was false, it was wrong. >> i don't have more for you. fond memory of the days. 'canes do you think the staff they're gave secretary duncan the information about the pink slips was getting his rear end chewed today? >> absolutely. that could haven't gone worse. not a good situation. it makes everybody look bad. white house look bad. carney wanted no part of that. peddling faster than the last quart ore after bowles with two minutes left. it happens. but that wasn't a good situation. i don't think he handled it well. it's a big issue for people to grab on to. >> the white house said they didn't know about the d.h.s.
2:19 pm
decision by ice, immigration, custom enforcemenforcement to re prisoners holding there, they were wanted for more questioning aboutbe possible illegal entry to the united states. is it possible to have it without people knowing about it? >> eric: who the heck is running this place if one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing, releasing illegal imgrants? what they didn't talk about is that arnie duncan said thousands of teachers would be laid off, including some in this county called tuwana cuawana county. all right. hold on. when they pressed how many teachers no one knew until the reporters did work. 104 transfer slips, no pink slips. five pink slips given out but had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with sequestration.
2:20 pm
the point from thousands of teachers laid off because of sequestions trician to five pink slips getting for other reasons other than the sequestration. who knows what janet napolitano says 3,000 tsa agents, who knows when border agents will be left -- maybe there is nothing. >> dana: they said they didn't know about this nonpolitical person who is going to retire from isa. if they have not given any of the ages any guidance, are they supposed to have other things they will happen to distance themselves? >> dana: releasing people that might have -- >> greg: releasing people linked to human traffics and drug cartels the guys working for ice is angry, because it screwed up cases. the white house is playing chick within a train. but we're the ones on the track. you know what? it reminds me of curb your enthusiasm episode larry davidson planned a mugging to
2:21 pm
is doing.s shrink. he creates a mugging to come and save the victim. but it's not happening. matt waters claims 170 million jobs will be lost. we have only have 150 million jobs in the united states. i can't -- i think she is counting mars, pluto and venus where she is from. >> kimberly: love her sound bite. >> dana: do you think the white house overplayed the hand on this? setting aside republicans are going to be blamed no matter what, even getting up in the morning. on this should they have been tighter on the information? >> bob: they should have done half of what they've done in terms of the campaign style. warnings out there. they made a decision to do this. i'm sure there are staffers throughout the government who want to come up with ideas
2:22 pm
about things that happen they can send up a chain to the boss, white house and say i found something. the truth, you cannot prioritize, you are 85 million across the bart cuts. million rather. across the board cuts. there are impacts from it. you can laugh about it and say it's a joke. $85 billion in seven months will impact people's lives in one way or another. >> greg: total government spending in 2013 will still be greater than 2012. >> bob: that is because of the entitlement spending and inflation. nothing to do with that. >> eric: the federal budget has gone up 40% in six years. no point we can't cut # .3%. it's not across the board. defense and nondiscretionary senspending.
2:23 pm
>> the fact we're -- what you use, in discretionary spending we are sending less. >> eric: no one on the left is willing to look at entitlement programs. >> bob: that is absolutely wrong. absolutely -- >> eric: please. the right gave tax increases, they gave big tax increases at the end of the year. put program on the board. >> bob: entitlement reforms were in the act. >> eric: at the end of the year, the right said raise highest income tax from 36 to 39.6%. >> bob: if you look at the budget control act it called for a mix of spending cut, revenue a taking on entitlements. >> dana: but they haven't put it on the table. they high jack entitlement spending for this exercise and we'll get to do it in three
2:24 pm
weeks when the government runs out of money. never short of anything to talk about. >> greg: you are never short. >> dana: directly ahead, what is -- >> greg: didn't see it comes. >> dana: said there could be presidential assassination if we don't have more gun control? we'll tell you who said that and we'll discuss it when we come back. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: welcome back, everybody. democracy doesn't work until the media does it job. one more time. democracy doesn't work until the media does its job. do your job. report the news fairly.
2:29 pm
don't carry water for the white house. two examples of media epic fail. number one, obama sends a thrill up my leg. chris matthews conflating gun control with assassinations of public figures. listen. >> i don't want to be part of a movement to keep semi-automatics in the hands of people today, the hoarders, survivalist, paranoid and criminal and down right politically nutty. why? the next mass shooter could emerge out of this pack. check shooters of john f. kennedy a jerry ford who got shot at twice. look at the men who shot bobby kennedy and martin luther king. they had political motive and guns. got them easy and put them to use easily. if you are not against the movement, you are with it. >> eric: legal gun owners with assassinations? this is outrage, play tant media outrage -- ridiculous. >> greg: stop using the word
2:30 pm
"epic fail." i banned it the first show we did. no! go ahead. >> dana: are you -- >> kimberly: are you done having a moment there? somebody takes him seriously when he said tickle me all the way up. he is trying to get ratings and create a buzz. doing a good job because we're talking about it. but the argument is off-base. it doesn't mean he has credibility about it. what is this man talking about making this -- >> eric: what does he mean, bob? >> kimberly: bob, interpret. decode. >> bob: i'm the last one to interpret what chris matthews says or means. it i have known him a long time and i like him. he does things like this to draw attention to himself. bobby kennedy was killed with a handgun, not a long rifle. there are things you could argument but where the
2:31 pm
extremes of the debate have gone. on the left, the, aments are we can't see the breakthrough because the nra and rest of them say we're lost. up the ante, on the right we're communists for saying that. this is out of hand. >> greg: you don't go to chris ma chews for logical explanation. that is going to cemetery to find frozen yogurt. if you don't support speed limits the president could get hit by a car. if you don't quit smoking you could die of lung cancer. it's amazing that chris matthews got this far, like a dog who learned to drive a tractor. >> eric: he said if you're not against the assassins, you are with them. in favor of assassinating the president or something. >> dana: the thing that is rude, he gave address and encouraged viewers to send letter to congress he said the
2:32 pm
address of congress for all the congressmen in congress is u.s. congress, washington, d.c., 20515. someone in the mail room has to go through and find out the office number for each of those guys and that was really wrong. >> greg: you are looking out for little guy. >> bob: how did we know the press is not making a big deal out of this? you are saying they are all -- your monologue, in your introyou said the press not doing their job because matthews got away with saying it. >> dana: because we're busy overhyping the woodward threat. >> kimberly: he is a self-appointed protector of all things obama. he's in a guardian angel law cracking the whip on everybody. >> bob: we all know self-appointed persecutors of obama. >> eric: abc news, selected
2:33 pm
error in michelle obama's commentary about tragedy in chicago. listen. >> she was standing in out a park with her friends. in a neighbor blocks from where my kids grew up, where our house is. she was caught in the line of fire. i don't want to keep disappointing our kids in this country. i want them to know we put them first. >> eric: it looks like there was nothing edited but there was a line edited out. this is what was actually said. she was stand og through the in a park, with her friends, in a neighborhood blocks away from where my kids grew up where our house. caught in line of fire, get this, because some kids had automatic weapons they didn't need. that was cut out. she says the rest of it. but interestingly, they took the part out that was completely wrong. it wasn't an automattic weapon. >> dana: we are tracking today. if it had been accurate and she said handguns they wouldn't have edited it out.
2:34 pm
but because the legislation they are putting forward has nothing to do with handguns, i think it made -- it doesn't help them make their case. it fine it hard to believe they had to edit for time is what abc said. you could have cut another part of sound bite. >> eric: they are editing michelle obama -- >> greg: nobody would edit the first lady for time. if you have the first lady you use every moment you can. >> dana: good point. >> kimberly: mistake or not. >> greg: mistake or not. it's first lady. >> kimberly: they wouldn't do it to laura bush. >> bob: how do we know it wasn't automatic weapon? >> eric: police report. >> bob: that's what they said. >> dana: oh, my gosh. >> kimberly: now it's conspiracy. >> bob: they're guessing. they don't know. >> eric: the chicago police. >> bob: they are guessing. they don't have the gun. >> kimberly: there are ballistic reports. >> bobthey are editing because they want he to look good.
2:35 pm
they love her. they have a crush on obama. >> greg: they have a white house that owes them one. >> kimberly: to the nixonian administration. >> eric: maybe did the white house say we want the see what the interview looks like and cut the line out in >> dana: it's conceivable that her staff was listening and said wait, wait, wait. that part is not exactly accurate. maybe it was their fault. maybe a slip of the tongue. >> kimberly: would they do it for laura bush? barbara bush? i'm just asking. >> dana: laura bush, maybe. when it came to president bush, i never had the guts to asked. i never had the guts to ask. it would haven't happened for president. i didn't work for m. bush. i don't know. >> eric: we got to go. we have to go. >> kimberly: i had a legitimate question. happy she can answer it. >> eric: can we go? >> bob: sure. >> eric: history in the making as pope benedict xvi says farewell to a billion catholics worldwide. myself included. incredible images from rome next.
2:36 pm
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here, final countdown of cut in rate as federal spending growth known as sequester. tonight we're more than six hours away from the deadline. no new talks have been announced tonight. the president meets with the congressional leaders friday. the senate tried to pass a couple of attempts at flexibility today. both failed. journalist bob woodward says he was threatened over his comments now the president has handled the sequester, sequestration fight. shouting match and e-mail exchange. now other examples of how the white house is exerting pressure on reporters. benedict xvi says he will live the final stage of his life as a simple pilgrim. he left the vatican today for the last time as pope and
2:41 pm
flown to the new residents where he was greeted by well wishers. the pope used twitter to thank followers for their love and support. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ [ speaking italian ] >> kimberly: historic and emotional day for more than a billion catholics worldwide as pope benedict xvi left the vatican for the last time as pontiff. he told well-wishers he is beginning the final stage of his life as simply a pilgrim and became the first pontiff in 600 years to resign. then at 2:00 p.m., eastern time, the swiss guards who protected him for years closed
2:42 pm
the doors of his home where he will begin his retirement, officially closing out the papacy. the duty of protecting the former pope lies with the vatican police. i watched this today. glued to the television. historic moment and emotional moment to see. you saw the helicopter taking the pope where he will now be seclusion. take the ring from him. no longer pope. we saw a news update they deleted his twitter feed. his official duties in that capacity are over. he said he will show reverence and obedience to the next pope. eric? >> eric: i was glued to it, too. emotional. interesting. i got to tell you. what a beautiful ceremony they put together. rome is beautiful. they put a gorgeous ceremony together. 1.2 billion cath it licks will wait to find out who the pope will be. i went across the street and lit candles again. i would love to see pope from the area. probably won't happen but nice
2:43 pm
to see. emotional moving ceremony. >> kimberly: bob, what are your thoughts? did you see some of this today? people, there was so emotion in their eyes and tears. >> bob: two things struck me. one of the cardinals raised the point about the last two popes had not taken hands-on management of the papacy, which i think is legitimate thing. some people do that and some people don't. but the way they went out of their way to ensure it was clear that he was not going to interfere with the next pope, including saying that he expected all the cardinals to take a vow in public to the new pope. you normally do it in the sistine chapel. this is something they went out of his way to do. he made it clear he won't get in the way of the next pope. one thing, i'll agree with eric. one thing about the catholics and rome and vatican, they can put on a ceremony. >> kimberly: dana? >> dana: that is what i wrote down. lovely ceremony. i'm not catholic. but i can still be moved by
2:44 pm
the faith of catholics. to see everybody there. as one, the cheering he got. i hope that it warmed him a little bit so when he is there tonight, quietly, probably very glad that it is all finished. that he feels satisfied with what he was able to do. >> kimberly: now they wonder what will happen? latin america is a lot of talk of this, has 42% of the world's 1.2 billion catholics. a lot of speculation to who will be the next pope. i mean, pope benedict was the oldest selected in 200 years. >> bob: who better to turn to, to greg for the answer. >> greg: as a catholic who spent many years as an altar boy. >> kimberly: sarah high school. >> greg: i was altar boy. but who says the pope has to be replaced by a catholic? i think it's kind of bigoted and it discriminate against
2:45 pm
muslims. why can't we have an islamic pope. if you disagree with me, you're islamphobe. you're a bigot. little bigot. war criminal. >> kimberly: on an interesting note this is going to be a -- this won't be political but they have to have a two-third majority plus one to be able to agree. conclave will meet and decide and it is going to be received 20 days now after the resignation today. >> eric: listen, total respect. can you pull up the full screen? check out the shoes. these are the papal shoes. for seven year he has had the red loafers. everybody thought they were prada. i will inform you, they are not prada. they are made by a local schumacher. they are awesome. they are awesome. i'm going to get a pair. >> kimberly: today was special.
2:46 pm
with everybody where he was, saying, wishing him a good night. might be the time words we hear from him. directly ahead, it's a moment many parents dread. talking to their kids about drugs. now a new study about what works and what doesn't is next on "the five." ♪ ♪ this is so sick!
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boston as a result they think you won't be disapproving. it may be true they didn't talk to their kids about using drugs and it encouraged kids
2:51 pm
to use them 30 years ago but for those of with us a linage of abuse in the gene, i talk to my kids from the time they're young. it's unlikely to dodge it, it comes from both sides of their family but it's something that i think particularly for those with a history of alcoholism and drug abuse, they should talk about it. >> you are telling them, it's inevitable. you will end up doing drugs. >> bob: there is an arguement to that. but how do i explain two missing decades of my life to my kids? >> greg: you were a liberal. >> eric: we go through this right now. my 14-year-old is in high school a bombarded with the discussion of drugs in high school. you have to be honest. they will see through you if you lie to them. if you tell them you didn't do
2:52 pm
drugs doesn't mean it won't be on their front door. you have to be straightforward and honest and install the right value. >> greg: you told them about your addiction to window cleaner? >> eric: i never done it, smoked a cigarette. i didn't like it. no. >> bob: are you going to have a conversation with your young boy when he is older? >> kimberly: sure, what am i going to say? i never had a cigarette and i've never done drugs and i don't think you should either. >> bob: that will help. dana, you don't have kids. >> kimberly: tell him the truth. >> bob: as an observer from the outside listening to this your inclination to say you should or shouldn't? >> dana: i can talk a little experience because my mom, both of her parents were alcoholics. i heard stories she would be afraid to come home from school or bring a friend home from school because she didn't know the state of what her parents would do.
2:53 pm
she loved them and the family history is complicated. but listening to that, i think knowing that there is alcoholism on the father side of the family as well, maybe that's why i resisted it. i felt maybe i could get addicted to something if i tried something. >> bob: going to greg's comments it's true that you might be impression of the inevitable that will happen to you. but you should catch it as soon as possible. >> greg: i think we talk too much about everything. through the rise of self-esteem and awareest in and parents trying to be the friends instead of the parents to the children, tabe you don't have to talk about everything and let them figure it out on their own. all sort of things, not just drug use. you let the kids figure out -- i don't have kids. i have a few mannequins, but i
2:54 pm
would say if you let them figure it out, if they have questions -- >> eric: i have to push back on this. there are so many influences. friends -- >> greg: i mean talking about your past. >> bob: there is more of it than there was. the kids will see through you. >> kimberly: then they say if you did why get mad at me if i try. >> bob: that is part of the study. >> greg: the thing is what you say this is the problem with criminalization. if you say it's bad, you romance it. one more thing is up next. look what mommy is having.
2:55 pm
mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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2:58 pm
>> greg: time for one more thing. this saturday we have a new "red eye." ann coulter, tucker carlson. it's awesome. tomorrow is a repeat of last night's "red eye" with dana perino where we had to bleep her. you are up. >> dana: i don't think i needed to be bleeped by the way. you be the judge of that.
2:59 pm
>> kimberly: bob is contagious. >> dana: there is great news. the virginia commonwealth university study released confirms of what i've tried to tell fox for a long time, that bringing dogs to work lower stress. everybody is encouraged to do this. john o'hurley is working with purina company to make it happen. watch. >> we all know how spending time with our pets can make life better. for both of us. i visited the purina headquarters where they believe people and pets are better together. hanging out with your pet is all if adees work. >> dana: that is not a joke. that is real. >> greg: what if i met is liemer? >> dana: speaking of that, you will not want to miss the top of tomorrow's "the five." >> kimberly: i have a

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